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Working from home and the tax reliefs available

Hi all, this blog is extremely short but an important one I feel as many could benefit from this. One of the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic has lead to a surge of people working from home rather than their usual place of work. This is the same for both employed and self employed workers (so just because you are employed doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the reliefs available).

HMRC recognised the increase in people working from home and increased the weekly allowance that can be claimed for those working from home from £4 a week to £6 a week with effect from the new tax year starting in April 2020.

However, it is important to note this fact that prior to the covid-19 pandemic this tax relief was always available, yet many were either unaware or quite simply did not claim what they legally could in order to reduce their tax bills.

As mentioned already, HMRC allows workers to claim a flat weekly rate for working from home. The best bit about this is that for the flat rate no proof of expenses is required at all and HMRC will accept this claim (as long as you did genuinely work from home).

However, for some the flat rate may not be enough to cover the genuine expenses incurred by working from home so there are other methods of claiming tax relief other than utilising the flat rate.

Examples of this can be using the scale rate as agreed by HMRC, whereby you calculate the number of hours worked at home and use the scale rate to determine the amount to be claimed, or actually working out the business portion of actual expenses and claiming these.

The two methods mentioned required detailed record keeping whereas the flat rate method does not.

As mentioned this is a very brief blog, but to find out more in detail and what you could be entitled to legally claim get in touch for a FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation by contacting us on 0191 5111217 or email us at

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